fixed income

Jan 17, 2011

market_index_410Markit, a data provider, has launched a new range of emerging market debt benchmarks and indices in response to increased investor interest in the space.

Jan 05, 2011

railway_pointsPortfolio changes prompted by the market environment have taken place as the number of specialists who execute transitions has shrunk. Nick Fitzpatrick looks at who is in and who is out of transition management and why certain approaches have faltered

Jan 05, 2011

manager_selection_410Institutional investors must ensure their emerging market debt manager is equipped with appropriate local expertise, advises Mathias Neidert, at bfinance

Jan 05, 2011

Brazil_beachBrazil was one of 2010's most notable markets, so Martyn Cuff, of Allianz Global Investors Europe, asks if the Brazilian asset management industry has come of age.

Jan 05, 2011

RT_Dec10In this second extract from FE's roundtable discussion, our panellists discuss their top new markets with potential and the value of having a local presence.

Jan 05, 2011

dustbinHigh-yield bonds have been a successful asset class for the second year running and despite talk of a bubble in fixed income, managers expect money to stick, finds Nick Fitzpatrick

Jan 05, 2011

gavelIs it time for a fresh look at the most hated asset class of the moment: European equities? By Angele Spiteri Paris

Dec 20, 2010

ETFsAssets in US-listed exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded products (ETPs) broke through the $1trn (€758bn) milestone reaching $1.027 trillion for the first time on 16 December 2010.

Dec 13, 2010

Pimco_SourceSource, one of the newest exchange-traded fund (ETF) providers in the market, has teamed up with fixed income manager Pimco to create and distribute fixed income ETFs in Europe.

Nov 10, 2010

tulip_fieldMulti-managers tell Lisa Kindle how they are adapting to changing investor needs, which include tighter risk management and more diversification into alternatives