fixed income

Jan 19, 2021

Darren Pilbeam Natixis Natixis Investment Managers enjoyed the trend towards thematic investment last year, or so Darren Pilbeam, head of retail sales at the firm, indicated.

Jan 18, 2021

securities_financeDonia Rouigueb, head of sales for securities finance and repo at CACEIS, participated in our recent securities finance roundtable. She reflects on whether asset owners are likely to move their sec lending activity in-house and on broader issues, including steps to standardise market practice.

Jan 14, 2021

climate_change_investment_sustainabilityThe asset management industry’s role in the future of the planet has come into question again following the publication of two reports calling out firms for acting too slowly on climate targets. 

Jan 14, 2021

donald_trump_electionDuring his time as president, Donald Trump shunned climate science and sustainability, backing coal and fossil fuels instead. Following Joe Biden’s election, sustainability is back on the agenda. 

Jan 12, 2021

us_politics_bonds_economyLast week saw unprecedented – although not entirely unexpected – scenes take place in Washington DC, as disenfranchised pro-Trump supporters breached the US Capitol.

Jan 08, 2021

New_York_roundtable_Dec_2020In a nation where ESG is regarded sceptically, a pushback has taken place against attitudes and rules that hinder ESG’s progress. Our US panel discusses this and other topics, such as how US-Sino relations impact business.

Jan 05, 2021

Covid-19In a major change of fortune, UK equity was the most searched-for asset class among equities last month on CAMRADATA Live, writes Amy Richardson.

Dec 22, 2020

uk_bondsFollowing a steady influx of money since April, flows into UK bond funds finally dropped off in November.

Dec 21, 2020

green bondsGreen bond issuance will be 50% higher in 2021, driven partly by EU rules such as the Green Bond Standard, an asset manager predicted.

Dec 18, 2020

ETFsThe role of fixed income in multi-asset portfolios is evolving with the unprecedented levels of market volatility we have seen this year, and it is hard to think of a better time to rethink fixed income.