Nov 21, 2011

Traffic_lightAfter 17 blissful years of unconditional love, the honeymoon period for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) finally ran out in 2011. The celebratory mood created by people praising the simplicity and cheapness of ETFs and similar exchange-traded products (ETPs) was soured after regulators, the media and some industry professionals started to question transparency and safety.

Nov 09, 2011

ETFOctober was the best month so far this year for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with $26.5 billion (€19 billion) of inflows, according to BlackRock's monthly report.

Oct 17, 2011

Ishares_logoThe world's biggest exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider, iShares, is starting a campaign for more transparency in the market for these products and says it will hold client events across Europe to promote its views.

Oct 10, 2011

HandcuffsThe UBS rogue trader scandal has reignited the controversy over exchange traded funds at a time when the French banking system is worryingly exposed to Greek debt. But investment professionals say most buyers are institutional investors who know the risks, writes George Mitton.

Oct 06, 2011

TransperancyThe controversy over exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has grown so intense that iShares, the BlackRock-owned ETF giant that leads the market with about a 40% share, has released a public report calling for greater transparency and regulation.

Sep 26, 2011

ETFsPimco and Source are launching an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that will invest in emerging market bonds based on an index that weighs each country's GDP and capacity to repay its debts.

Sep 19, 2011

ETFThe news that UBS trader Kweku Adoboli, who allegedly caused losses of about €1.7 billion through rogue trading, dealt in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) at the Swiss bank has reignited a debate over the apparent dangers of ETFs.

Sep 09, 2011

europe_globe_410European equity funds suffered further redemptions in July making ETFs and bond funds the mainstays of the industry, according to Lipper.

Sep 07, 2011

emerging shoots 410HSBC has launched an emerging markets ETF, claiming a highly competitive total expense ratio.