Jun 09, 2009

Axa IM's centralised dealing desk has freed its traders to support fund managers with ideas. Technology, too, is liberating, but Paul Squires says there is much hype around the numerous applications. By Nicholas Pratt

May 26, 2009

Can statistical risk models used to avert plane crashes prevent market crashes? Will asset managers want them? And will chief executives even understand them? By Nick Fitzpatrick

May 26, 2009

Does the recent equities rally constitute the next bull market or is it a false dawn? The answer is far from clear and many managers – BlackRock is an example from today’s post – are taking the opportunity to promote the absolute return funds.

May 19, 2009

What does the future hold economically for Latin America's heavyweights Mexico and Brazil? Mexico has more hurdles to overcome, but both countries are attractive to investors in the current global climate, says Jeff Casson of SWIP...

May 19, 2009

While the global recession is no doubt affecting the Bric economies, they are proving more resilient than the West. There is no mistaking a significant shift of power towards the newer international markets, says Fiona Rintoul

May 19, 2009

Nicholas Pratt talks to institutional investors to see what changes they have made to their securities lending programmes and what implications these will have for its long-term future...

May 19, 2009

Significant restructuring among French asset managers owned by banks has increased the number of opportunities for smaller, independent investment houses. Angèle Spiteri Paris asks if the large houses still have any legs...

Apr 22, 2009

In today's post-Lehman climate, hedge funds are seeking to use multiple prime brokers in order to reduce the risk of locking up assets with insolvent banks, writes Nicholas Pratt...

Apr 20, 2009

Corporate bonds may not be the most glamorous or high-profile of investments, but their issuance is currently reaching record levels. Nick Fitzpatrick finds that they are a good asset for long-term investors...

Apr 15, 2009

enough of talking – it is time now to do,” said Tony Blair upon
entering Downing Street in 1997 as the first Labour prime minister in
the UK for 18 years. It all seems rather far away and we may
argue until the cows (or indeed the Tories) come home about the Blair
legacy. No matter, the sentiment expressed is surely valid, and within
our own industry it could be applied most usefully to one of Mr Blair’s
favourite hobby horses: education.