Forward Features 2020

We are pleased to provide the complete list of planned editorial features for 2020. The list also contains the writer’s name for each feature.

If you wish to register an interest for a particular article, please email the writer directly. The ‘Copy Deadline’ is for the journalist but also gives you some indication of when the writer will be working on the article – typically about 4 weeks in advance of the deadline and this would usually be the best time to make contact.

We are happy to hear who you think might be relevant for an article. Although we will always try to acknowledge the email, we may not always be able to give further details about the feature, particularly at busy times, but you are welcome to ask.

Please note that articles described as ‘Country reports’ refer to the business environment for funds in that country, and not to the investment opportunities in that country’s capital markets. Articles described as ‘Distribution’ will generally look at either regulation, fund flows, technology or individuals (i.e interviews) related to fund distribution.

The list is subject to change.


Luxembourg: Jurisdiction report
Mark Latham

Asset servicing: Update
Nicholas Pratt

Roundtable: Luxembourg
Mark Latham

Conference preview: SIBOS
Bob Currie

Conference preview: ALFI Distribution Conference (TBC)
Mark Latham

Technology: Update
Nicholas Pratt

COPY DEADLINE: Monday 17 August


Investment: Asia
Romil Patel

Asset servicing: Custody survey
Alex Rolandi

Technology: Cybersecurity
Nicholas Pratt

Conference preview: FundForum International
Mark Latham

Jersey Roundtable

Inbound Special Report: ETFs
Alex Rolandi, Nick Fitzpatrick, Fiona Rintoul

COPY DEADLINE: Monday 14 September

Outbound Special Report: China
Romil Patel

COPY DEADLINE: Monday 24 August


Investment: Bonds
Nick Fitzpatrick

Technology: Data solutions
Nicholas Pratt

Asset servicing: Regulatory update
Nicholas Pratt

Exchange-traded funds:
Alex Rolandi

Country focus: France
Nick Fitzpatrick, Mark Latham

Conference preview: Network Forum
Alex Rolandi

Inbound Special Report: Multi-asset
Fiona Rintoul, Nicholas Pratt, Romil Patel

Outbound Special Report: ESG
Romil Patel

COPY DEADLINE: Monday 19 October


Asset servicing: Private equity & credit
Nicholas Pratt

Investment: Private capital
Alex Rolandi

Investment: Smart beta
Fiona Rintoul

Country focus: Brexit update
Mark Latham

Inbound Special Report: Insurance Asset Mgmt
Nick Fitzpatrick, Mark Latham, Alex Rolandi

Inbound Special Report: Securities lending
Lynn Strongin Dodds

COPY DEADLINE: Monday 30 November

Outbound Special Report: Emerging Markets
Mark Latham, Alex Rolandi, Nick Fitzpatrick

Special Report: ‘Global Industry’
Mark Latham, Alex Rolandi, Nick Fitzpatrick

COPY DEADLINE: Monday 30 November