Oct 30, 2007

Lucy Macdonald, CIO, global equities of RCM, tells Angelique Ruzicka that the firm’s successful search for alpha did not come down to luck

Oct 22, 2007

While private equity investment has increased apace, methods for fund managers to value their holdings have had to evolve. A downturn in the market may reveal which of the competing methods are the best, finds Iain Morse

Oct 15, 2007

Dexion Capital, a fund of hedge funds manager, has made its mark evaluating hedge funds. CEO Robin Bowie tells Fionnuala Synnott where he believes future value lies

Oct 01, 2007

Hans-Olov Bornemann believes there needs to be a debate about how broker-dealers serve fund managers. The issues go beyond unbundling, though, and into the opaque world of how traders use confidential client information. By Nick Fitzpatrick

Sep 24, 2007

The Funds Europe custody survey finds a greater presence of custodial banks in Europe and emerging markets, and highlights the challenges surrounding the implentation of new regulation, writes Fiona Rintoul

Sep 03, 2007

Christine Senior asks whether funds straight-through processing will ever equal that of equities and bonds