EIS23 in focus

Getting a head start on tomorrow

head start, tomorrow, edition, European Investor Summit, Societe Generale Securities Services, SGSS, Paris, headquarters, EIS23After three fruitful editions, the fourth European Investor Summit was held on June 6, organised by Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) at its Paris headquarters.

The return of liquid alternatives

return, liquid alternatives, liquid, alternatives, asset class, market uncertainties, risk management, European Investor Summit, EIS23If liquid alternatives – the “forgotten asset class” – are to make a comeback amid market uncertainties, there will be a greater need for risk management, the European Investor Summit hears, writes Nik Pratt. 

ESG requires portfolio manager 2.0

ESG, portfolio, manager, ESG investing, regulatory, European Investor Summit, luxembourg, Micaela Forelli, prescriptive, firms, ESG methodologies, clients, EIS23ESG investing is moving faster than ever against a complex regulatory background. At The European Investor Summit, M&G Luxembourg’s Micaela Forelli says she’s thankful the rules aren’t too prescriptive and that firms have a duty to clearly explain ESG methodologies to clients, writes Nik Pratt. 

Private markets growth signals the return of the human factor

Private markets, growth, return, human factor, Tikehau Capital, Thomas Friedberger, European Investor Summit, sustainable, leveraged, EIS23Tikehau Capital’s Thomas Friedberger warns the European Investor Summit that growth in the next decade will be slower – but it’ll be more sustainable and less leveraged, writes Nik Pratt. 

Private equity’s Irish evolution

Private equity, Irish, evolution, SocGen, Ian Duffy, Michael Clifford, Investment, Partnerships, opportunities, equity managers

Societe Generale Securities Services' Ian Duffy and Michael Clifford explain how Irish Investment Limited Partnerships herald new opportunities for private equity managers.

Implementing ESG: a key challenge for investment funds

ESG, investmentToday, investment managers must consider ESG before selecting an investment. If the concept seems obvious, turning the theory into practice becomes a tremendous challenge.

Time to get smart about greenwashing

GreenwashingGreenwashing can be defined as behaviour or activities that make people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is. Alexis Scheidecker, ESG2 products specialist at Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS), explains why the investment industry needs to tackle greenwashing head-on and offer investors more sophisticated tools.

Cryptocurrencies: Banker - “We definitely consider crypto an asset class”

SGSS_EIS_2022_CryptoVenture capital funds raised $1 billion a week last year for crypto. This will continue, says Ivan de Lastours (pictured left), of French national investment bank Bpifrance, in an interview at the Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) European Investor Summit with Laurent Marochini, head of innovation at SGSS.

Regulation: ESG’s regulatory struggle

ESG_earthEuropean ESG laws are maturing, but regulators still have to grapple with difficult topics. A specialist panel at the Societe Generale Securities Services European Investor Summit argued that transparency is paramount.

Private markets: Investors concerned over valuations

Private markets investment has enjoyed a boom period, but market and macroeconomic trends are reversing. Panellists at the Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) European Investor Summit anticipated more caution in the near-future.

Active ETFs: Some frequently asked questions

Veronique_Dang_VuActive ETF assets are growing and so is the number of fund managers that want to offer them. Véronique Dang Vu, ETF expert at Societe Generale Securities Services, explains some of the most frequent considerations for firms from a set-up and operational perspective.