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CUSTODY 2008: UBS Directory


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Bahnhofstrasse 45, PO Box, 8098 Zürich, Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 234 1111
   and at
Aeschenvorstadt 1, PO Box, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 288 5050

Senior executives:
Raoul Weil (Zürich)   Global Wealth Management & Business Banking
Stephan Zimmermann (Zürich/Basel)   Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Josef Landolt  (Zürich)   Head Securities Services
Udo Jenner  (Zürich)   Head Global Custody

Country of origin: Switzerland
Operating in Europe: UBS established its Global Custody platform after the 1999 merger. Before then, the two banks Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) had been in the custody business since 1965.

Business Split:
Parent’s other main business lines:
                  UBS Global Asset Management, incl Fund
                   Management Switzerland and Fund Services UK
                  UBS Investment Bank
                  UBS Global Wealth Management & Business Banking
                  UBS Corporate Centre

European subcustody arrangements:
AUT    SIS (OeKB, Vienna)
BEL    SIS (KBC Bank NV, Brussels)
BUL    Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG
CRO   Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG
CYP    Citibank International PLC for Cyprus
CZE    SIS (Citibank, Prag)
DEN   SIS (Nordea Bank Danmark A/S, Copenhagen)
EST    SIS (Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Helsinki)
FIN      SIS (Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Helsinki)
FRA    SIS (BNP Paribas)
GER   SIS (Clearstream Banking, Frankfurt)
GRE   Citibank International PLC
HUN   SIS (Citibank, Budapest)
ISL      Glitnir (opening scheduled Nov 2008)
IRL      Citco Bank Nederland N.V.
ITA      BNP Paribas
JER    UBS AG, St. Helier
LAT    SIS (Nordea Bank Finland, Helsinki)
LTU    SIS (Nordea Bank Finland, Helsinki)
LUX    Kredietbank SA Luxembourgeoise
NED   SIS (Citibank, Breda)
NOR   SIS (Den norske Bank, Oslo)
POL    SIS (Bank Handlowy W, Warszawie)
POR   Millennium BCP
ROM   Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG
SVK    Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG
SLO    Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG
SPA    Citibank Intl. PLC
SWE   SIS (Skandinaviska Enskilda, Stockholm)
UK       SIS (HSBC Bank PLC, London)

Domestic markets that are strategically important in the near future
                  Middle East in General
                  Asia (APAC Region)

Services offered in addition to Custody
                  Securities lending
                  Performance attribution
                  Proxy voting
                  Cash management
                  Compliance monitoring
                  Collateral management
                  Fund admin services
                  Prime brokerage
                  Tax reclamation
                  Distribution support
                  Commission recapture
                  Transition management
                  Detailed reporting, including online tools

Products/services showing the greatest increase in demand in past twelve months:
                  Hedge funds
                  Private Equity *
                  Structured products
                  Increased transparency in account statements
                    and reportings.

* Regarding private equity, one of the major challenges is the fact that these investments are done directly with venture firms. Thus, they cannot be booked with a bank account. We do realise that there is a clear trend towards private equity. In portfolios of wealth management clients, private equity is often a substantial part — up to 40%.

Products and services for development over the next twelve months:
We plan to improve our reporting even further and to implement new reports, providing a detailed insight in private equity investments and mutual funds.

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