Magazine Issues » September 2008

CUSTODY 2008: SGSS View from the Top

closier.jpgAlain Closier
global head
Société Générale Securities Services

Past and new challenges are the same ­– they are now more striking due to the complex and volatile environment. Fund managers and investors expect transparent and innovative products, multi-assets management, geographical expansion and efficient distribution, all with increased client service and satisfaction, quality and risk control.

Custodians that will be well placed to lead the game should offer solutions:

  • To follow innovation: processing of all assets types, including ETFs, private equity and real estate;
  • To ensure transparency and risk management: performance and risk analytics, pricing and middle-office of OTC products;
  • To reach distributors and investors: global transfer, representative, paying agency.

and support their clients in emerging markets with high potential by managing regulatory and tax issues.