Magazine Issues»September 2021

Alex_RolandiAmazon – the second-largest employer in the US behind Walmart – is no stranger to workforce-related controversies. Despite countless allegations, the e-commerce giant generally maintains its innocence.

Elizabeth_PfeutiAt the bottom of our garden, in what we have aspirationally named “the meadow”, there is a small patch of the wildflower honesty (Lunaria annua) that must have arrived on the wind.

Cardboard_boxesDespite an increased focus on the ‘social’ side of ESG, many fund managers seem reluctant to side with disgruntled staff at companies such as Amazon, where labour-related controversies are commonplace. Alex Rolandi reports.

OverpassIn a Funds Europe webinar, experts including the Luxembourg funds regulator discussed how to advance crypto and digital assets’ entry into the mainstream.

NebulaChange is inevitable, whether it’s through gradual evolution or an earth-shaking ‘big bang’. Rob Langston delves further into our ‘Future of Distribution’ research among fund managers.

Georg_LaschGeorg Lasch, head of offshore sales at BNP Paribas Securities Services in Luxembourg, sets out how European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIFs) offer investors the chance to make returns while investing in socially useful projects.

Market_volatilityExtreme global market volatility is becoming a fact of life as investors are forced to make ever-riskier choices, says Stephen Jones, CIO of equities and multi-asset & solutions, Aegon Asset Management UK.

ImprovementCamille Thommes, director general of Luxembourg investment funds association Alfi, writes about the role of the funds industry in the wider economy and why financial education is crucial.



Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2023
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