Magazine Issues»October 2019

Nick-FitzpatrickJust as multi-asset funds puzzle out where to place their assets in a challenging market, they are also puzzling out how to get their message across.

Fiona_RintoulThe world seems to be turned upside-down right now. A gimlet-eyed teenager looks more focused and mature than the septuagenarian US president.

Michael_GruenerMichael Gruener, BlackRock’s head of Emea Wealth, tells Mark Latham about ‘Schumpeter’s gale’ and the European ambitions of the world’s largest asset manager.

Atari_gamesIn the past, games were played with sticks and stones; today games have evolved to bits and bytes. Since icons like Atari introduced the first videogames, a multibillion industry has emerged.

ESGErratic multi-asset flows signal how investors struggle with unusual markets and the promises of diversification. To prosper, these funds must explain themselves better, finds Fiona Rintoul.

No-one genuinely expects multi-asset funds to keep up with equities in strong bull markets, our panel is told. So don’t give up on diversification.

Clourful_doorsFor many investors, diversification is a characteristic near the top of their portfolio wishlist. And rightly so. Until recently, though, small-scale investors were limited in how they went about achieving it.

Global tradeGlobal trade disputes underpin how multi-asset funds are positioning themselves between equities and bonds, finds Alex Rolandi.