Magazine Issues»October 2018

PasturesJulie Becker of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange talks about the role the exchange provider plays in bringing together various players in sustainable finance, including through a ‘window’ for socially responsible investment (SRI) funds.

Virtual_realityCalls for environmental, social and governance criteria to be injected into smart beta portfolios have prompted a growing number of ESG factor-based indices. Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at their construction and hears how they generate enhanced returns and lower risk.

ArtisanCustodians are changing rapidly as technology opens up new avenues. More value-add and tailored solutions mean the industry looks less like the commodity it once did, finds Nicholas Pratt. Plus, the 2018 custody survey.

Didier KaylThere’s no excuse for delaying necessary structural changes, writes Fundsquare’s Didier Kayl.

ShellThe Funds Europe directory of custodians that took part in our survey - and the Q&As with executives - strongly reflect the high level of investment and time spent on technology projects.

Geoff_HodgeFund administrators are adapting to new models to capitalise on data services for fund managers and deal with the prickly issue of data ownership. Geoff Hodge, chairman of Milestone Group, explains.

SydneyAhead of the Sibos technology conference in Australia, we asked tech specialists for their thoughts on the asset management industry as it moves towards greater digitisation.

Geoff_CookWith the countdown to ‘Brexit Day’ well and truly on, there are some interesting narratives emerging within the European alternative funds industry.