Magazine Issues»October 2018

Nick-FitzpatrickIf fund buyers hope to achieve an 8% return, they might have to take substantial risk in today’s market. The 8% figure – 8.4%, to be precise – is what fund buyers were hopeful of achieving about a year ago when surveyed for a Natixis Investment Managers’ report.

Fiona_RintoulLast week, I deleted my Facebook account. I never really wanted one, but about four years ago, I was ordered on to the great blue social media giant in the cloud by a publisher.

Rocket_manA year ago, research showed fund investors expected returns of 8%. Fiona Rintoul asks if this is possible in light of projections for a bear market.

Robin_CreswellAs Los Angeles-based Payden & Rygel celebrates two decades in Europe, regional head Robin Creswell tells Nick Fitzpatrick the reasons for the foreign franchise’s success.

Digital_economyJeremy Gleeson explains to a Funds Europe webinar audience why he and his team at Axa Investment Managers segment their Digital Economy fund into four themes.

FusePrivate equity funds have attracted huge numbers for capital-raising this year following a record-breaking 2017.  But, asks Mark Latham, can the momentum continue?

FortressAmidst a historic bull run, companies with wide economic moats continue to prosper, says asset manager VanEck.

Tim_ClipstoneUntil recently, ethical investing was seen as an expensive fad, sacrificing returns for principles. However, the fad has not gone away. In fact, it seems to be gaining in validity and attracting increasing amounts of investment capital.



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