Magazine Issues»November 2018

Kuwait_CityAgainst a backdrop of fiscal and structural adjustments, a large increase in bond issuance in Mena countries will continue, say Amanda LaMarca and Jaymeson Kumm of HSBC Global Asset Management.

Cape_TownThe outlook for South Africa has been revised downwards for external and internal reasons, but Marie Antelme of Coronation Fund Managers says the country’s worst days may be behind it.

Made_in_ChinaIn China, technology companies are changing how retail investors allocate capital, but it is not a zero-sum competition with traditional financial services firms. Joshua Bateman reports.

Arnaud_HoudmontThe average individual investor is overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of, and uncertainty associated with, the investment products available. Earlier this year, the European Commission released the findings of a study it commissioned on the European market for retail investment products.