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Nick-FitzpatrickIt was thought that under MiFID II, broker-dealer banks – who mainly provided securities research and execution services bundled together – would lose out to newer competitors: independent providers for stock and bond research, and possibly to custodian banks for execution.

Fiona_RintoulThe Kübler Ross curve is usually deployed to illustrate the stages people go through when dealing with a major change such as bereavement or divorce.

Damon_WilliamsDamon Williams, chief executive of RBC Global Asset Management, has been recruiting to make RBC as well-known in European asset management as in capital markets. Interview by Nick Fitzpatrick.

HandshakeAfter the barrage of regulations precipitated by the financial crisis, France’s three asset servicing giants are at last free to concentrate on gaining new business. Mark Latham reports.

Cheese_boardFunds Europe’s annual report on the French industry looks at business over the past year, as firms respond to ever-greater pressure on fees and increased competition in an already competitive domestic market.

Richard_ThomasEven though the UK has now implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it’ll need to agree new arrangements with the EU post-Brexit.

Securities_researchSecurities research from sources other than brokers should be thriving under MiFID II, but as Nicholas Pratt finds, the independents may be the regulation’s accidental victims.

Gerard_WalshBest execution within securities is an area where MiFID II is having a major impact. Gerard Walsh of Northern Trust Capital Markets joined Funds Europe to discuss this and other developments.


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