Magazine Issues»November 2017

Ken_HsiaRotating freely between styles and sizes, Investec’s GSF European Equity Fund has produced heavenly rewards.

PropertyEuropean property investment is set to evolve along similar lines to the UK, implying more opportunities for non-bank debt specialists, say Amy Aznar and Dan Pottorff of LaSalle Investment Management.

Digital_threatSibos, the banking technology conference, gave as much weight to cyber security as it did to fintech this year. Nick Fitzpatrick reports.

Sun_worshippingKyle Kloc of Fisch Asset Management claims high yield bonds are the closest asset to the Holy Grail of investing.

Bram_HendriksThe proposed EU Shareholder Rights Directive aims to overcome certain corporate governance shortcomings in European-listed companies, and to encourage a more long-term-oriented investment process and active engagement by institutional investors and asset managers, in several ways.

Hands_upThere has been a sea change in attitudes to corporate governance with shareholders flexing their muscle at AGMs. Catherine Lafferty takes a look at the new investor order.

Greg_KokIn mid-July, ESMA, the EU securities regulator, published an opinion paper suggesting national competent authorities (NCAs) should take a tougher line on policing the asset management sector, adding to the increasingly negative Brexit predictions about the UK’s financial services industry.

Tim_SteeleMany fund documents can be produced and updated using automation. Tim Steele asks if the prospectus can, too.