Magazine Issues»November 2012

ViennaSometimes you need to get away from the centre to find the ideas that might help to stabilise the centre. Where is the centre of Europe? Frankfurt? Paris? Berlin? London? (Obviously not London.)

Made in chinaWith its Western trade partners poorer than ever, no wonder slowing exports has caused concern about China's growth. But Stefanie Eschenbacher finds domestic consumption plays a bigger role in GDP than many realise.

ArchWith France a major player in the eurozone crisis, George Mitton asks what the country's asset management industry is making of a new president and of bond yields that don't do what they ought to.

Aifel towerCould regulations such as Solvency II increase demand for non-traditional investment products, such as guaranteed funds, smart indices and low-volatility strategies? George Mitton surveys the French players.

LocksFunds Europe travelled to Paris and asked the big three French asset servicers to explain their success or failure at increasing assets under custody. George Mitton reports.

BourdeixEmmanuel Bourdeix, co-CIO of Natixis AM and head of Seeyond, says it makes more sense to adapt to the new investment landscape than to wait for modern portfolio theory to make sense again.

Hendrik-du-ToitSouth African roots mean Investec Asset Management may have a competitive advantage when it comes to investing in emerging markets and commodities. Hendrik du Toit tells Stefanie Eschenbacher that his route is about quality and depth, not breadth.

JunkyardThe US high yield corporate debt market has been one of the few successful asset classes in the crisis era. Nicholas Pratt asks if it has staying power.