Magazine Issues»November 2007

by Sabrina Macaire of EuroPerformance and Peter O’Kelly of the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre

With the arrival of MiFID, it is important for managers to be clear as to the basis on which their brokers are dealing with them, explains Richard Frase and Jessica Brescia

Central and eastern European securities markets have attracted massive overseas investment – but their infrastructure isn’t quite ready. Christine Senior reports

As assets under management have grown – and become more complex – it has emerged that there is now a dearth of skilled fund administrators in cross-border centres. Fiona Rintoul tries to uncover a solution.

Zurich’s Sustainable Asset Management stole a lead on environmental issues, but it now faces more competition in the sector. Fionnuala Synnott interviews Reto Ringger, CEO

As fund managers use ever more complex instruments, some are now selecting prime brokers instead of custodians to service their portfolios. Angelique Ruzicka analyses this emerging trend

A number of hedge funds didn’t survive by the market instability caused by the sub-prime crisis, begging the question: are they as robust as is commonly thought? By Kristen Paech

Despite recent credit woes, securities lending hasn’t taken a nosedive. Sarah Coles finds that it’s a low risk strategy, which generates reasonable returns if your portfolio is managed well