Magazine Issues»March 2012

To_do_listMany complications are involved with servicing physical ETFs that do not apply to synthetic ones. George Mitton reports.

Over the past two weeks, I've been enjoying the Glasgow Film Festival (GFF). It has much to recommend it.

ScalesRisk parity is a new asset allocation concept to provide an alternative to the dismal returns achieved over the past few years via traditional balanced portfolios. Magne Orgland explains.

Nicholas_HollandTrusts do not have intuitive commercial uses. Trusts developed as a mechanism to protect private wealth from everything from despotic monarchs to spousal claims; they did not develop to assist in the raising or combination of capital for business ends.

PalmNicholas Pratt looks at the potentially profound implications of the LEI initiative, its aim to provide clarity and transparency to the financial markets and what it means for fund management firms.

CastlePrior to the Alfi spring conference on 15-16 March, Funds Europe asked several of the scheduled speakers and figures in the Luxembourg market to highlight the critical issues facing the country's funds industry.

Peter_McKennaTraditionally, best of breed in the investment management industry has meant buying a specialised system, often for a specific asset class, to carry out a specific range of tasks and sometimes for specific geographies.

Euro_signAgnés Le Thiec from CFA Institute asks: Can Eurobonds help to alleviate the eurozone sovereign debt crisis?