Magazine Issues»June 2010

Asset Servicing CEOs and heads of business Paul North (BNYM), Philippe Seyll (Clearstream), Patrick Colle (BNP Paribas), José-Benjamin Longrée (Caceis), and Andrew Gelb (Citi) talk about the impact of fund consolidation and domiciles

FundForum International 2010 celebrates 20 years: the largest event of its kind aims to ensure profitability and sustainability going forward. Includes day-by-day guide to events

Tosato, Mearns, Guinamant, Bolmstrand, Corley, Marchessaux, Oddo, Dromer, Advani, McDevitt, Broderick, du Toit, Hakansson, Perrier, Clarke and de Franssu: high-profile CEOs talk about the advent of UCITS IV

The sunny island of Malta is working hard to grow its financial services industry and provide a hub in the Mediterranean, linking Europe with Africa and Arabia. Angele Spiteri Paris reports from the FinanceMalta conference...

"I'm looking for managers who add value and who are doing something different". Private bank MeesPierson recently launched its first fund of funds. Angele Spiteri Paris talks to investment manager Jason Robilliard to find out more about his approach to manager selection...

Growth in Brazil is not just driven by commodities, but is largely in the hands of domestic consumers, finds Angele Spiteri Paris

Life settlement funds ran into trouble in the US because longevity risks had not been properly calculated. Fiona Rintoul looks at pooled solutions for managing longevity and other pension fund risks.

Life settlement funds exemplify the grislier side of longevity risk. Such funds essentially consist of life insurance policies sold to the fund by insured lives. The sooner those lives end, the better the fund will peform.