Magazine Issues»July-August 2021

Nick_FitzpatrickTwo strong product distribution trends in the coming years will involve the development of digital-asset funds, and the development of funds that enable retail investors to access non-listed assets such as private equity.

Elizabeth_PfeutiAs a journalist, I love a coincidence that brings circularity to a narrative, so as I take this column’s baton from Fiona Rintoul, I am pleased to be perched under an arbour in the Highlands of Scotland, penning this from her homeland.

Keep_quietThe funds industry has remained tight-lipped on the EU’s regulatory review of alternative investment funds for fear of unnecessary change, reports Fiona Nicolson. however, others see an opportunity to bring alternative investments to a wider range of investors.

Sale_signAttracted by yield and diversification, retail investors may soon have more access to private assets, says Nick Fitzpatrick.

Patrick ThomsonPatrick Thomson, JP Morgan Asset Management’s regional chief executive, tells Alex Rolandi about his military service, industry consolidation and the importance of ESG.

Solving_puzzleAsset managers have the appetite for the transformative potential of digital but they may question the technical ability of both themselves and incumbent service providers to deliver, writes Nick Fitzpatrick.

Man_with_broken_footInsurance companies are major investors in bonds – both by design and desire. Fiona Nicolson asks how insurers can find growth at a time when balance sheets have been hit by €60 billion in lost premiums.

DistributionA non-executive director joined a recent Funds Europe webinar to discuss a product governance report produced in partnership with Caceis. Where do asset managers’ priorities lie when crafting product strategies and fund governance post-Covid-19?