Magazine Issues»July 2009

The shipping industry has crashed big, with analysts predicting the bottom has yet to be reached. There are certainly bargains to be had, finds Angele Spiteri Paris

Nicholas Pratt examines the latest changes in the Egyptian funds market and what it means for prospective international investors

RBC Wealth Management plans to add several fund managers to its platform, including a fund of hedge funds, finds Angele Spiteri Paris

India is still growing and there are many reasons to be confident its economy will continue to develop. Fiona Rintoul finds that the country’s internally driven market is a great strength, but makes things tough for foreign players

With parts of Deutsche Bank and now Credit Suisse under its belt, Aberdeen has grown out of the industry’s middle ground. CEO Martin Gilbert (pictured) tells Fiona Rintoul about the firm’s plans for global growth and graduate training...

Mark Briol • Biff Bowman • Nadine Chakar • Jaron Van Dam • Susan Ebenston • Andrew Gelb • François Marion • Rob Wright meet round a table with Nick Fitzpatrick

Turmoil in financial markets has focused investors’ minds on the role of their custodian banks and caused them to ask: How liable are custodians to reimburse me when assets are lost due to fraud or failure? This complicated issue will impact fees, says Nick Fitzpatrick