Research Reports»Jersey Finance Alternatives Report 2021

Elliot_RefsonThe appetite to allocate capital to alternative funds has appeared to continue to increase, with investors looking to balance their appetites for risk and return while at the same time achieving diversification in their portfolios.

Jersey marinaAn alternatives sector that accounts for 89% of assets under management is powering Jersey’s remarkable growth.

Growth outlookThe survey began by asking for respondents’ views on the likely growth trajectory of the all-important alternatives sector over the coming year.

ESGPerhaps the single most important message from this year’s Jersey survey is that ESG has now extended beyond mainstream investing and is firmly embedded in the alternatives sector (fig 4).

ExpertiseWhen it comes to choosing a domicile (fig 8), one factor clearly outweighs all the others for respondents to this year’s survey: expertise.

ChallengesAsked about the key challenges for fund domiciles in responding to greater regulation (fig 10), expertise was again chosen as the main concern, with 40% of respondents deeming it to be of highest importance.

NumbersA recent Funds Europe webinar in association with Jersey Finance discussed Jersey’s strength as a politically stable fund regime.

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During this webinar, our panel will share insights relating to their careers and experiences, explore the trends they are seeing within the alternative investment industry and have thought-provoking discussions on the hot topics around the gender component of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).
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