Magazine Issues»Jan-Feb 2022

Nick_FitzpatrickModerating a panel of chief executives from some of Europe’s largest asset managers before Christmas gave me the opportunity to ask them about their sense of responsibility for the industry’s role in mitigating the climate emergency.

Elizabeth_PfeutiLike many, over Christmas, my husband and I made the most of the food, drink and general merriment on offer and decided to cut down as the New Year dawned.

BaloonsOpinions differ about how long the current inflation phase will last, but after canvassing a range of views, David Blackman finds one thing is almost certain: it will be a “trickier environment” for bonds.


Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2023
The financial services industry is no stranger to frequent regulatory upheaval and scrutiny, however the past year has been particularly demanding on market participants.

This whitepaper details key regulatory changes scheduled and pending in 2023, and how they will impact fund managers and fund distributors.
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