BuildingsLitigation finance is an established alternative asset class in the US, Europe and Australia. Now it’s starting to look attractive in Asia-Pacific too, writes Peter Guy.

MillennialsThe inflation shock and interest rates, coupled with new hybrid working patterns, are changing the way investors approach property. Ahead of the MPIM real estate conference in March, experts talk about the outlook for this asset class, including ESG and offices.

Inflation_graphLast year saw an increase in search activity of the European bond category. Mithursha Kesavan looks at returns over the year and notes the managers who performed best.

Bernard_DelbecqueThe EU should not assume the UK and Dutch bans on retrocessions constitute a superior business model for fund distribution, according to Efama. Bernard Delbecque explains why.

Transfer agents are certainly living in interesting times. With increasing pressure to transform, re-engineer and improve service, now is the time to lay down a solid base to future-proof the TA business, enabling it to grow digitally and enhance its service to the investment fund industry.

Stop_signThe industry may have been “delighted” by the recent postponement of new settlement rules, but it still has to get to grips with the prospect of fines for failed trades. David Whitehouse reports.

White_boxThe rise in AI investing parallels a growing need to understand how computers make decisions, writes Lynn Strongin Dodds.

Quotas are likely to be introduced within the next 10 years of ESG investing as the space continues to evolve, according to panellists on a recent webinar held by Funds Europe and Backstop Solutions Group.