Magazine Issues»February 2012

Star_managerThere are some fund managers who always appear to be in the spotlight. But, asks Stefanie Eschenbacher, who is really pulling their strings?.

SundaeIt is no longer all about market capitalisation when it comes to weighting stocks in indices. Stefanie Eschenbacher looks at trends in the customised index business.

MaskCrushingly low yields have left some fixed income investors questioning the value of their asset class. George Mitton asks if emerging market debt could be the answer.

FionaSo what's special about Europe? Some years ago while living in New York, I found my answer: what brought me back was Europe's enormous, vibrant, challenging variety.

RoadOutsourcing would normally stop well before it reaches the dealing desk. But Nicholas Pratt finds that factors such as pressure to expand internationally are fuelling more discussions.

birdsThematic investment might seem like the preserve of active investors because it is based on holding convictions. But Fiona Rintoul asks if these beliefs could be put into indices to gain passive exposure to investment motifs.

PresentIt seems that many countries outside the eurozone had a materially better festive season than those in it by managing to stay out of the red.
Nick Fitzpatrick considers seasonal shopping data and the effects of underlying consumer trends, such as emerging markets and technology.

PunkFund managers with low-cost passive products may find a whole new vista open to them in the UK retail market less than a year from now, reports Nick Fitzpatrick.