Supplements»ETFs 2010

ToysShould consultants get on board with ETFs, or are they, as some suggest, being rushed into them for the sake of playing with new toys, asks Angele Spiteri Paris.

DetectiveThere is a healthy amount of scepticism towards ETFs offering exposure to alternative asset classes, finds Angele Spiteri Paris.

Singled-outAs investors get more granular about their emerging market investments, the ETF market sees the advent of single-country products. Angele Spiteri Paris reports.

Japan_treeRelative to the expansion seen in Western markets, the Japanese ETF market has remained stagnant during 2009. So what is happening in Japan, asks Koei Imai, of Nikko Asset Management.

MechanicThe servicing requirements of ETFs differ to those of a traditional passive funds business. Nick Fitzpatrick looks at ETF operations.

SaleProviders have been jostling to be the lowest priced out there, but is there more to competition than just the headline total expense ratio (TER) of a product, asks Angele Spiteri Paris.

Baudson_ValerieTo retain its edge in the increasingly competitive ETF marketplace, Amundi ETF brings select products to market that are innovative yet not overly complex.

PuzzleA focus on the risk-weighted index and the value-weighted index, by Dimitris Melas of MSCI.