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Cherry_blossomKit Klarenberg assesses newcomers to the industry, the market share of incumbents, investment flows and product launches over the past 12 months.

Space_shuttleInvestor demand for bond ETFs has been strong this year, but the industry may still have to properly heed calls for more product development in this area. Nick Fitzpatrick reports.

Car_lightsIt has been three years since the international issuance and settlement model for European ETFs was launched in order to simplify issuing and trading. Nicholas Pratt asks whether it has become the model of choice for cross-listed ETFs, and if not, why not?

In a volatile market, investors are increasingly looking for a new approach to equity investing. Smart beta solutions can answer their needs says Alessandro Russo, head of factor investing at Amundi.

As exchange-traded funds continue to amass assets in a difficult market, Funds Europe speaks to key ETF industry figures about their concerns and strategies.

François Millet, head of ETF and index product development at Lyxor Asset Management, looks at one of the major investment themes of the year and discusses why ETF assets under management have doubled in the past five years.

Dark_forestIf it sometimes seems as if there’s an ETF covering every conceivable market, industry or commodity, it’s because there probably is. While it’s possible to invest in weird and wonderful ways, Kit Klarenberg finds this may not be an entirely positive development.

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