Supplements»ESG Report Spring 2020

Romil_PatelHello and thank you for taking the time to read Funds Europe’s third special ESG report. Since 2018 we have been following the rise of ESG with a mixture of hope and increasing momentum and charted its journey.

Fashion_of_plasticWe cannot afford to produce clothes the way we used to, writes Romil Patel.

‘There is finance, there is money and there is quality – quality of life in a wider sense,’ Günther Schiendl, chief investment officer of VBV Pensionskasse, tells Romil Patel.

Lyxor outlines three factors that support climate and ESG investing.

City_viewThe Covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lives. It’s not just that we must stay at home and socially distance. We must protect each other – and to do this, we must act collectively, writes Fiona Rintoul.

Basketball_hoopHumanity has a one-off opportunity to address the climate crisis head-on and reshape the global economy. With transition risks and opportunities imminent, setting up the winning shot is everything. Chaired by Romil Patel.

Tobie_BrealeyFive reasons to consider Nordea Asset Management’s STARS funds for your ESG portfolio. By ESG specialist Tobie Brealey.

WomanGaps in social infrastructure are leaving children without access to good-quality education – so, how are investors changing this? Romil Patel reports from Cape Town and London.