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Nick-FitzpatrickEmerging market fund managers sometimes fail to raise money because clients are put off by short-term situations, such as the current trade war.

Fiona_RintoulYears ago, I used to attend a creative writing workshop at City University in London. One of my fellow students was an American who was writing a lush romance set in Dubrovnik. In the pub, she was wont to ply a romantic story of a different sort.

Yves_PerrierYves Perrier, the CEO of Europe’s largest asset manager, sees climate change in his own back yard. He talks to Nick Fitzpatrick about ESG, diversity and his plans to compete with BlackRock’s tech platform.

James_SquiresHaving grown in popularity during a long bull market, most multi-asset strategies have yet to be fully tested. Baillie Gifford investment manager James Squires argues that could be about to change, and that it will be the well-diversified, flexible approaches that will be most valuable to investors.

PetalsElizabeth Pfeuti finds certain investment factors could be boosted if ESG criteria were added to them – but that limiting stock selection by mixing ESG in with smart beta could heighten risks.

asset allocationOnce a niche strategy, factor investing has transformed portfolios since the financial crisis, says Bruno Taillardat of Amundi.

SGSS_sustainability_panelThe funds industry will have to move away from the free-market model of constant economic growth if it wants to address the challenges of climate change, Anne Richards, CEO of Fidelity International, told the SGSS European Investor Summit.

SGSS_real_assets_panelCan the record investment into real assets reach new levels? Is their supply sufficient for the market? Would newer assets be of lower quality?



Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2023
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