Magazine Issues»Dec 2009-Jan 2010

There are numerous small consultancy ‘shops’ in asset management. Fiona Rintoul asks if they are just unemployed professionals, or if they really add value to asset management...

If distributors and advisors to a larger extent use ETFs and other passive alternatives, fund groups also need to ask how to position their traditional, active long-only product. Niklas Tell comments...

Recent fund launches have focused on US equities, alternatives and emerging markets, as managers look for opportunities out of the recovery, reports Angele Spiteri Paris

The spectre of the global financial crisis cast its shroud over not just Wall Street and the City, but the fledgling financial centres of the Middle East. John Foster investigates the fallout in Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar...

Pictet Asset Management, like its parent bank, kept a good, even keel throughout the financial meltdown. Nick Fitzpatrick talks to Renaud de Planta, CEO

Institutional investors still seek yield from corporate bonds following the rally in 2009. But the 'easy money' has been made and managers are working harder for returns. Duration risk is a key factor now, reports Nick Fitzpatrick

Richard Wohanka was at the helm of Fortis Investment Management during its ABN Amro merger and the subsequent nationalisation of Fortis Bank. He now faces new challenges at Swiss bank UBP, writes Nick Fitzpatrick

Should inflation and low growth in the West mean that every portfolio should have Asia at its core for the next few years? By Nick Fitzpatrick