Latam by issue»Autumn 2014

ArgentinaOpportunities for distressed debt investors are diminishing as governments look to adopt a new approach to dealing with sovereign default, effectively removing vetoes blocking debt restructuring. Stefanie Eschenbacher asks at what can be learnt from Argentina's default.

Fiona Le PoidevinVisiting Brazil, Chile and Colombia earlier this year I was struck by the way in which Latin American institutional investors are shifting their allocations away from simply the traditional domestic market to incorporate wider asset classes, such as private equity and with global exposure, including Europe.

Air baloonsDespite being Latin America's third-largest economy equity managers aren't unified on the merits of Colombia. This isn't the case for bond managers, discovers Nick Fitzpatrick.

ColoursNew rules mean mutual funds must use third-party depositaries, not local banks. Nicholas Pratt looks at how a market, where Citi was the only foreign player, may change.

Jean SeraniIn a new series, Funds Europe in conjunction with Investec Asset Management, looks at the challenges affecting fund distributors around the world. Jean Pierre Serani Toro, chief executive officer of Valores Bancolombia, explains the opportunities he sees in asset management.

TreesLatin America could be the fastest growing region in the next five years, finds Andrew Short. Though good for international asset managers, it makes it unlikely that Brazilian investors will want to venture abroad.

Giordano LombardoStimulus measures and recovering economies support investment in risk assets like equities. Pioneer Investments advocates risk, but says diversification is more urgent.

Paper shipThe Brazilian retail opportunity is starting to shift to broader asset coverage, though investors like simple products, finds Andrew Short, who looks at how some local and international fund managers are developing.