Magazine Issues»August 2007

Fiona Rintoul studies the data in our latest fund administration survey and considers from which geographies third-party fund administrators anticipate growth.

In their third article on risk management, Edhec's Noël Amenc and Lionel Martellini consider the usefulness of optimisation methods.

As OMAM makes headway in Europe, Angelique Ruzicka catches up with its chief executive Peter Baxter, who explains the company’s long-term strategy and key objectives

With property yields at new lows, investors are turning to hedge funds, which exploit the weakened market, writes Kristen Paech

Henderson was one of the first firms to integrate hedge funds into its long-only business, and is well placed to comment on the current buzz surrounding 130/30 funds. By Fionnuala Synott

The Isle of Man has introduced a 0% corporate tax rate to attract more asset management business. Angelique Ruzicka looks at how competition between offshore centres is intensifying

Few brokers are willing to make sell recommendations, but with the onset of 130/30 funds, more managers are finding ways to research the market. By Angelique Ruzicka

Ucits 3 has given traditional managers the opportunity to launch alternative funds. But, as Nick Fitzpatrick finds, alternative managers are using the rules to launch mainstream businesses that compete for the same client base