Magazine Issues»September 2019

Nick-FitzpatrickRecent figures show that underlying dividend growth is slowing. Are fund managers worried about this? It appears not.

Fiona_RintoulBack in the early 1990s, I visited St Petersburg with a couple of friends. One of them worked for a charity that operated in Russia, and so, to save money, we rented a flat on a St Petersburg housing estate from someone he knew.

Hanneke_SmitsNewton Investment Management chief executive Hanneke Smits, one of the few female heads of a UK fund house, tells Mark Latham that increasing diversity in the asset management industry will lead to better decision-making.

StallionUnderlying dividend growth of 4.6% may be good enough to support the popular equity income sector, and Japan is starting to play a bigger role. Fiona Rintoul reports.

Bill_PriestThe co-founder of Epoch Investment Partners tells Nick Fitzpatrick why tapping into the subscription economy through one of the tech sector’s largest companies is such a turnoff.

Dot_com_baloonExposure to blockchain is difficult to gain through stock markets, but the ETF world has responded to the challenge. Nick Fitzpatrick reports.

Growing_plantJeroen Bos of NN Investment Partners says making a positive impact with esg principles can help boost financial returns.

Silke_BernardDespite the European Parliament adopting new rules on the cross-border distribution of funds, the ultimate goal of a single European market for investment funds remains, in spite of the availability of marketing passports, far from complete.