Magazine Issues»September 2008

wright.jpgRob Wright

chief operating officer
Dexia Investor Services

One challenge has been the continuing
mainstream shift away from relative, passive benchmark returns to alpha.
Providers continue to witness increasing volumes from alternative asset
managers and growth in the use of OTC derivatives. Some funds are combining
strategies, bringing together 130/30, mixing bonds and equities and so on....

steimer.jpgGeri Steimer

head of business
Julius Baer Custodian Services

Since we are a leading wealth manager, we
strongly develop our five-star custodian services for family offices. In
addition to our private banking services we provide enhanced custody solutions
for private persons “with institutional requirements”, eg, consolidated
reporting (customised summaries) and the cooperation with...

kehir_buliding.jpgDeclan Kehir

head of custody operations
PNC Global

In the past year, global custodians
continued to be challenged by the long-term emphasis on maximising efficient,
cost-effective service delivery for standard and new product types, along with
the shorter term adjustments required by volatile markets.

We expect market
turmoil will continue through the...

jackson.jpgFrancis Jackson

managing director,
business development executive
JP Morgan Worldwide Securities Services

The challenges facing custodians over the
past year reflect those facing the funds industry as a whole – demands by
investors for higher returns and the resulting use of sophisticated investment
instruments, regulatory and compliance pressures, changing technology options,

stillabower.jpgPaul Stillabower,

global head of business
development, Fund Services
HSBC Securities Services

The greatest challenge in the past year
has been developing robust solutions to service the increased number of complex
investments to support our clients. We have invested, and continue to invest
and develop our data warehouse, our pricing engines and our middle office
solutions to meet...

longree.jpgJosé-Benjamin Longrée

managing director

CACEIS Bank Luxembourg


The global banking sector is still experiencing tough times as the effects of the sub-prime crisis drag on. Investment and custodian banks have tightened their budget belts but are likely to feel the pinch elsewhere as a war for talent becomes increasingly hard fought. Hedge funds and private equity firms have weathered the recent financial...

baker.jpgStephen Baker

head of custody services

Bank of Ireland Securities Services


I think the challenges of the last six months are likely to influence the challenges for at least the next six months and possibly the next year. One of the challenges for any custodian is to manage its own risk, particularly operational risk, but also counterparty and credit risk.


As a result of the credit crunch,...

chakar.jpgNadine Chakar

head of EMEA

BNY Mellon Asset Servicing


Sustained and significant reinvestment in your business, ongoing innovation, maintaining service excellence: these are, and will be, the challenges.

We need to deliver to asset managers ever more sophisticated solutions - encompassing a broad array of instruments and fund structures across multiple European markets, and seamlessly delivered and...