Magazine Issues»October 2022

AutomationFunds Europe talks to Calastone’s Edward Glyn about the importance of automation and why investors’ demands for new technology could be the biggest driver.

emerging marketsTo coincide with Funds Europe’s emerging markets report, Mithursha Kesevan looks at search activity in this asset class on CAMRADATA.

AutomationAutomation rates in the global funds market differ both between and within regions – But as Nicholas Pratt discovers, there may also be a difference in what is perceived as automation.

Nick FitzpatrickCommercial litigation is searching for private capital to bring more punch to cases brought against companies over their climate records. Litigation finance – whereby investors share in the proceeds of any successful cases – has been growing since 2008, and funds that finance ESG litigation have entered the market.

ESGFunds Europe asked custody professionals about asset levels in recent months and about regulatory challenges. Regulation relating to ESG and to securities settlement feature strongly.

ChinaInvestors say China’s zero-Covid 19 policy and sluggish growth prospects leave India as the standout Asian emerging market, but is mean reversion likely? David Whitehouse investigates.

Elizabeth Pfeuti, failureThere is no shame in admitting we failed. The hard work to stem the failure and adapt to a new era starts now, writes Liz Pfeuti. 

Mark VerseyGetting greener all the time, Aviva Investors is poised to disinvest from certain coal-related companies. Yet CEO Mark Versey still has room for ‘brown’ investing, he tells Nick Fitzpatrick.