Magazine Issues»October 2013

Train wheelsHalf of alternative fund managers say the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive is still a source of uncertainty and they fear the consequences of non-compliance, writes Hani Kablawi at BNY Mellon.

Sally AzarmiThe status of an individual in employment, whether they are a partner, employer, self-employed or a worker, is a question which sometimes arises for individuals and businesses, with far-reaching implications for their rights, obligations and their liability to pay tax.

Bob-KneipThe wave of fund management regulation seen in recent years has raised new challenges for the industry. Bob Kneip, chief executive at KNEIP, argues that the obligations brought on by regulation can indeed be opportunities.

ParisThe secured loan market has been an area of relative safety for investors fleeing interest rate risk, says Adeel Shafiqullah at Pinebridge Investments.

ShadowsWith such a large money market funds industry, Ireland is inevitably caught up in the regulatory push on shadow banking. Nick Fitzpatrick asks how Ireland and its service providers might be affected by money market reform.

CarwashThe system requirements of new derivatives rules will likely increase asset managers' reliance on service providers. Nicholas Pratt examines what managers should be looking for in a potential provider.

HandsThe idea of universal legal entity identifiers was designed to make counterparty classification straightforward for all regulations. Nicholas Pratt finds critical uncertainty remains as the deadline for over-the-counter central clearing of derivatives looms large

Tim AndrewsEvery UK-registered alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) on July 22 chose the independent depositary offshoot of a fund administrator.