Magazine Issues»October 2011

FrictionEveryone has a role in reducing fund expenditure, says Martyn Cuff of Allianz Global Investors. But the industry must also make consumers aware that 'frictional costs' have already been greatly limited over the past 25 years.

CommutersThe employment problem created by the UK's retail distribution review within the financial advice industry are considerable, says Lyssa Barber of Allemby Hunt, who considers the future of recruitment and retention strategies.

M_FeargrieveMatthew Feargrieve, partner and team leader of the Funds and Investment Services practice in the Zurich office of Appleby tells us about a new regulation for hedge funds directors.

Filing-CabinetRFP documents have become bloated, expensive and time-consuming. Nicholas Pratt looks at how the tendering process can be reformed to benefit both asset managers and their prospective providers.

Data-imageMore trading in multiple asset classes has led to proliferation of data. The varying quality of information makes tasks such as transaction cost analysis difficult, finds Nicholas Pratt.

S_EverardStephen Everard, chief executive officer at Goal Group, a professional services firm, talks about reclaiming of withholding tax.

KingsAlternatives to cap-weighted indices do deliver what they promise, say Felix Goltz and Lin Tang from the Edhec-Risk Institute.

S-JaninStephane Janin, head of international affairs at the AFG, L’Association Française de la Gestion Financière talks about the strenght ot the Paris funds industry.