Magazine Issues»October 2007

While private equity investment has increased apace, methods for fund managers to value their holdings have had to evolve. A downturn in the market may reveal which of the competing methods are the best, finds Iain Morse

In the fourth of a series of articles on risk management techniques in asset management, we look at the benefits of hedging risks through non-linear beta management. By Noël Amenc and Lionel Martellini.

"Back office investment can be justified on its own merits" - Gary Koche, Openlink

There is a widespread belief, especially on the institutional side, that SRI funds don’t do as well as conventional equity products. But with greater awareness of climate change, attitudes are changing, writes Angelique Ruzicka

"A 130/30 fund is simply a new packaging of an existing investment process. if a book is bad you should not expect it to improve by redesigning its cover" Niklas Tell / Tell Media Group

Dexion Capital, a fund of hedge funds manager, has made its mark evaluating hedge funds. CEO Robin Bowie tells Fionnuala Synnott where he believes future value lies

Do you feel that fund supermarkets offer adequate distribution opportunities to help asset managers grow their business in Europe?

A pan-European fund supermarket should be easier to set up than eBay's global shopping centre. But platforms still lack the depth of coverage, finds Fiona Rintoul.