Magazine Issues»November 2016

Miller_Swedroe_Blake_PowellOver the past two decades passive investment vehicles – first index funds, now ETFs – have eroded active managers’ proposition.

MillennialGetting the young to save for their pensions is difficult when suspicion about charges is rife, finds Fiona Rintoul – even if charges have never been lower.

WeathercockBlackRock’s Manuela Sperandeo explains how factor investing can be used to pursue outperformance in different market environments.

DroughtPrior to 2008, liquidity risk was on the radar of few investment managers. Many financial models even omitted the risk. However, the financial crisis demonstrated just how crucial liquidity can be for funds, investors and the wider financial system.

Tim_DolanGaining access to Europe’s single market from outside the EU has never been easy, and the UK’s vote to leave makes it politically difficult to liberalise access rules while the Brexit negotiations are imminent.

Nashim_ShawaNot many banks plant olive trees, but the Bank of Palestine has a social mission. It also has ambitious expansion plans, says chairman Hashim Shawa. He talks to George Mitton.

Revel_WoodRevel Wood, Chief Executive Officer of FundRock, discusses the appeal of onshore fund domiciles, which are increasingly being used by investment managers.

Laptop_vs_typewriterRegtech exists primarily to help fund firms stay out of trouble. But as Nicholas Pratt finds, these tools of compliance could help build better businesses too.