Magazine Issues»November 2011

Birds-2Blanket selling of risky assets has created echoes of 2008, when asset prices flocked south together. George Mitton asks if pension funds have learned to protect themselves this time around.

Emerging-marketsA decade ago this month, Goldman Sachs shone the spotlight on four countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Stefanie Eschenbacher compares economic growth and stock market returns.

ExplorerAs investors move further into emerging markets, where does this leave hedge funds? Nick Fitzpatrick says that following the summer equity sell-off the industry is at an important juncture for proving itself mature enough to become a portfolio staple.

ShoesInvesting in emerging markets is no longer all about trying to capture rapid growth, but more with creating a steady income stream from dividends. Stefanie Eschenbacher reports.

DetectiveThere is surprisingly little statistical evidence proving a correlation between corporate governance and investment returns. But lessons can be learnt from a concept unique to Brazil. Stefanie Eschenbacher takes a closer look.

­Emerging-marketsThe 'great recession' has enhanced the case for investing in emerging economies, say George R Hogue and Solomon Tadesse of State Street.

Footprints-in-the-sandInvariably overlooked because of the incorrect perception that they enjoy greater risk, frontier markets are slowly providing evidence of their worth. Bud Haslett of CFA Institute investigates.

Justice-ScalesA landmark judgment in the Cayman Islands could force hedge fund directors to take their duties more seriously, or risk paying the price when things go wrong. George Mitton investigates.