Magazine Issues»May 2012

DiversificationPension schemes are turning to a set of funds that spread their risk across a wide range of assets. But with naming conventions still vague, investors must do their due diligence to be sure what they are investing in. George Mitton reports.

ColonadeAdvisers in the high-net-worth sector give Nick Fitzpatrick insight into how they are managing their clients' investments against the shifting background of risk. Feelings are mixed over gold but there are signs of optimism for equities.

DasiesInvestment in environmental and other socially responsible funds is still low. Fiona Rintoul asks why, and looks at recent developments in the sector, including green bonds and a company that gives up a portion of its profits.

TypewriterFollowing leaked draft regulations and official regulatory releases, John Langan, of Maitland, assesses how the regulatory landscape for alternative asset management may look after summer 2013.

Drilling_platformLong-short investor Epiphanios Michael, of Bryan Garnier Asset Management, is looking at American insurers, Swedish exporters and deepwater drillers as he attempts to benefit from global structural imbalances.

IrelandIreland's reputation in fund management and services is still rebuilding after the financial crisis, Nicholas Pratt profiles ten people who are among those most able to influence the country's image abroad.

channeling_energyThe Channel Islands fund industry has come out fighting after criticism about transparency in offshore fund jurisdictions. Nicholas Pratt highlights ten key people in the local business.

Mark-PorterMark Porter, of UBS Fund Services, talks to Nicholas Pratt about refocusing the firm and the commercial challenges facing the industry.