Magazine Issues»March 2021

Samuel Beckett BridgeIrish fund management companies have until the end of March to devise their plan for CP86, the Central Bank of Ireland’s governance framework. In a webinar hosted by Funds Europe, a panel of experts outlined the critical elements in the framework and what firms should consider when putting their plan together.

LumberjackA not-for-profit industry ‘utility’ has demonstrated it can slash data management costs related to MiFID II. Alex Rolandi speaks to those involved, asking about the project’s future – and where the cost reductions are made.

Soraya PortelaHistorically in Spain, the regulation of the fund management industry has been divided in two separate bodies of law: the laws that regulate collective investment schemes – generally, open-end entities – their management companies and depository entities (the CIS Act) and those that govern closed-end investment entities and their management companies (the Closed-End Collective Investment Act).

Plant_growthTata Asset Management’s Rahul Singh examines the prospects for India’s economy in the wake of Covid-19 and finds that certain sectors have bounced back more strongly than others.

SyringeEmerging markets investors will hope to see a boost to asset classes as the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out spreads across the globe, says Mithursha Kesavan.

Angel_Martinez-AldamaThe past year has been very complicated for financial markets due to a health crisis that still remains, although with the prospect and hope that it will abate over the course of the year. That is why we face 2021 with a certain optimism.