Magazine Issues»March 2012

UmbrellasMulti-asset funds could solve the asset allocation question for a confused workforce in the DC market. But can providers persuade trustees that additional costs are worth it? George Mitton investigates.

Safety-deposit-boxWith clearer definitions laid down by the European Securities and Markets Authority last year, Fiona Rintoul takes a closer look at how money market funds are recovering after the crisis.

Wylie_TolletteChanges in Franklin Templeton Investment's approach to risk highlight the influence of risk managers. Nicholas Pratt talks to Wylie Tollette.

MousetrapThere are cases when it may be better to build risk systems inhouse, but problems can arise when various systems have to be integrated, finds Nicholas Pratt.

BeartrapRisk system vendors tell Funds Europe what the major risk-based challenges for fund manager are and how prepared they are to provide support. Compiled by Nicholas Pratt.

Mohammed_Al_HashemiInvest AD from Abu Dhabi is switching its Cayman funds to Luxembourg and aiming to raise capital in Europe for an emerging Africa product. Mohammed Al Hashemi, head of asset management, talks to Nick Fitzpatrick.

CannonsA vicious economic argument is raging about whether austerity measures pursued by several governments are aiding or hampering economic growth. George Mitton investigates.

GaugesMore than half of the exchange-traded funds in Europe may be subscale, finds Stefanie Eschenbacher, as evermore products are being launched.