Magazine Issues»March 2010

Andrea Carpenter, Inrev: 'In a difficult market, understanding and benchmarking performance is increasingly important. The Inrev Index is a benchmarking tool that publishes aggregate performance information on non-listed property funds'

Felix Goltz and Veronique Le Sourd, of Edhec, ask if cap-weighted stock market indices, which gave rise to indexation in the 1970s, can provide efficient risk-return portfolios.

Laurent Denayer, Ernst & Young, Luxembourg: 'The degree of complexity in the business process as well as the technology required, combined with more pressure on costs, will certainly operate a natural selection amongst the service provider'.

Nicholas Pratt reviews the regulatory developments in the OTC derivatives world and discovers that it is still unclear just what the cost of these reforms will be to fund managers

Luca Salerno and Gil Cohen, Reed Smith LLP: 'The credit derivatives market exemplified the devastating effects of a lack of public information on price formation'

Research finds that conventional wisdom about earnings-led strategies may not be so clear cut, say Xavier Gerard and Christos Koutsoyannis of State Street Global Advisor

Db x-trackers was the first ETF provider in Europe to launch products in the alternative space and as the venture is finally paying off, it plans to expand its range. Angele Spiteri Paris speaks to Manooj Mistry

Should investors be bothered that two of Europe’s biggest fund centres – Ireland and the UK – have had trouble with their debt ratings? Angele Spiteri Paris also looks at how ratings are issue