Magazine Issues»June 2022

Nick_FitzpatrickResearch back in 1986 showed how the inversion of the yield curve had been a leading indicator of recessions since the 1960s, and subsequent recessions strengthened the theory.

Elizabeth_PfeutiWhat did you do with the placentas you ended up with when your children were born? With all the nutrients in one of these literal lifelines, maybe you made a stew?

Inverted Yield CurveWhat is the yield curve? What signals has it been giving recently? And what does this mean for corporate bonds? David Blackman explains.

UmbrellaLynn Strongin Dodds examines the CSRD, designed to help financial markets obtain reliable ‘green’ data on companies.

Tatiana_CollinsThere are four main reasons why the Jersey private fund structure has become an Island success story, says Tatiana Collins, senior counsel at law firm Walkers’ Jersey investment funds and corporate practice group.

Jersey_roundtable_June_2022A recent Funds Europe roundtable in association with Jersey Finance discussed how Jersey can retain its appeal among next-gen investors by embracing digital innovation and sustainable finance.

Network_abstractThe clearing and settlement system is struggling to leverage off of distributed ledger technology – but DLT is still where its future lies, finds Nicholas Pratt.

SpongesExamining the figures closely, Mithursha Kesavan finds that the performance of SFDR-compliant funds over six months ranged from 27.1% to -28.24%.