Magazine Issues»June 2021

SustainabilityDemand for sustainable investment solutions has grown substantially in recent years, with more investors embracing ESG strategies to meet their sustainability goals. BlackRock iShares’ Armit Bhambra and MSCI’s Mark Guirey explain how they work together to speed this process along.

RippleCryptocurrencies continue to multiply and divide attention. Fiona Nicolson goes beyond bitcoin to cast a light on four other currencies.

Tokyo_Sky_treeWhatever its problems hosting the olympics, Japan has seen a significant number of investor searches this year, reports Mithursha Kesavan.

Bernard_DelbecqueAmerican citizens are well aware of the shortcomings of the US social protection system, and this has led many of them to save money for healthcare, education and retirement, and to trust financial markets with their savings.