Magazine Issues»June 2013

Ball of woolNew rules by the Financial Conduct Authority may push platforms to compete on price, which they warn would be a 'dangerous game'. Stefanie Eschenbacher reports.

Thumb upEuropean asset managers are not as active on social media as they should be, says Daniel Ganev at Karoll Capital Management.

Anna Maleva-OttoDistribution retrocessions embedded in fund management fees have been a feature of European fund distribution practices for many years.

GirlIn the current cycle, consumer goods have offered some of the best equity returns. Olly Russ at Argonaut Capital Partners reports

ScreensThere are roles in data management that did not exist in 2007, says Dave Reynolds at Investit, and this reflects a growing recognition that there needs to be significant investment in the function.

Building graphSince the financial crisis, data has become a more lucrative piece of the asset servicing offering. But delivery models vary and the custodian banks, the giants of this business, face competition, finds Nicholas Pratt.

Chris JohnIn addition to being a popular TV series on the manipulative schemes of politicians, a house of cards is a 'structure that will collapse if a necessary but possibly overlooked or unappreciated element is removed,' according to Wikipedia.

PowerlinesDespite a broad range of exchange-traded funds, investors still want more product development. As a result, says Felix Goltz at Edhec-Risk Institute, specialised investments, such as infrastructure ETFs, are in demand.