Magazine Issues»June 2012

BaloonAmong the long list of due diligence checks, investors must not lose sight of how hedge funds value their investments. Joshua M Barlow, of PAAMCO, explains how to assess a fund's approach to this.

MonacoThe Fund Forum International conference takes place this month. Here is an overview of the event, now in its 22nd year.

Euro-signFund Forum International takes place this month and it is worth reflecting on the success of European funds in Asia. With Asian regulators expressing concern about complexity in Ucits funds, and with a number of other regional investors questioning Ucits costs compared with locally regulated funds, what needs to be done to maintain the success of Ucits internationally?

EEAThe European Union will have implemented its short-selling regime by November 2012. A major requirement will be for disclosure of net short positions in listed shares and sovereign debt within the European Economic Area (EEA).

KnightThe funds industry has tried many times to address processing protocols with varying degrees of success. Nicholas Pratt looks at the work of one initiative that could show the way forward.

PortAsset servicers have targeted distribution as a promising area for progress. Nicholas Pratt looks at the range of products and competing providers.

Tony_FreemanThe G20 is currently working towards a regulatory framework for a new financial architecture aimed at delivering financial stability.

Transperancy_180The Edhec-Risk Institute said in 2010 that non-financial risks needed more attention. Samuel Sender, research manager, dissects a recent attempt to find out if the investment community agrees.