Magazine Issues»July-August 2016

Fiona_RintoulI write to you from Leipzig, a city I first visited 30 years ago when it lay behind the Iron Curtain. Back then, I needed a visa to visit, which took months to obtain.

Sea_of_dataAs UK equity fund managers come to terms with the Brexit vote, David Stevenson looks at what shape their portfolios were in and what’s next for this asset class.

French fund management is looking at ways to further internationalise its already large industry, including making the customer experience better.

Champferersee-lakeThe UK will have much to learn from Switzerland about fund distribution in Europe from outside the EU. Fiona Rintoul reports.

Our panel discusses the state of the Swiss asset management industry and why gaining a passport under the AIFMD could be a game-changer.

Swiss_mountainsSwiss custody banks are in danger of seeing their market share wither as Swiss investors globalise and look to international partners for help, reports Nicholas Pratt.

Funds Europe and Sergei Strigo of Amundi analyse the results of a survey that shows a high level of interest in emerging markets.

Sea_of_dataDespite its youthfulness, big data has rapidly grown to become all the rage in many sectors. The asset management industry is no exception - but is the hype justified? Kit Klarenberg investigates.